Reinvigorate Your Business During It’s Slow Season

If your business is like mine, then the months leading up to Christmas are slow. For me, it’s a period marked by significant idling and extra attention to those few clients who do come around. I would prefer… Read More

The “Push, Publish, and Polish” Business Methodology

A business’ biggest enemy is itself. Achieving Perfection When I think of “perfection,” I envision Valve, Pixar, and Apple. In my mind, each has managed to deliver a product that has defined its industry. But at what cost?… Read More

Another Look at Wal-Mart’s Crowdsourcing Delivery Service

A Problem Picture this: It’s Saturday afternoon, you just woke up and don’t feel like dressing up to go shopping for food. But you need to eat and your waistline compels you not to order takeout again. So… Read More

The Sin of Overlooking Business Restructuring

Overlooking business restructuring when a company is doing well is a huge mistake. Let’s think about that. We all know about business restructuring, especially now at the start of a new year when managers and directors take a… Read More

Value of Ethical Boundaries in Business

Ethical boundaries in business have become the norm for segments of society we least expected. When we took our first steps onto the Internet few of us could have imagined that privacy would become such a driving force,… Read More

Dealing With Competitors

When competing, focus on ways to improve your company by avoiding changes that diminish what your company has to offer. Unlike the image at the top of this post that shows a ball preparing to race a cube… Read More

Content is King: A Tale of Two YouTube Channels

A year ago, Nigahiga was the most subscribed channel on YouTube. As of 2012, RayWilliamJohnson has taken the lead. It’s a classic story of the tortoise and the hare put into a modern context that has relevant insight… Read More

Innovation Shouldn’t Wait for an Economic Crisis

Several months before the start of the Global Economic Crisis, the word “innovation” had a spike in activity on search engines. The two-fold increase may have been a last-ditch effort by millions in a hope of finding a way to… Read More

Relearning to Share

We are so ruled by the idea of ownership that patent-fueled fights between large corporations over “intellectual property” are now commonplace occurrences. Digital rights management, copyright lawsuits against pirating, and a spectrum of legal threats to deter would-be… Read More